“We will not deny or defer to any man Justice or Right”
Magna Carta 1215

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This is A POSITIVE PLACE – even when we discuss the evil actions of others – So we reserve the right to delete or edit what people contribute – to avoid saying or sharing things that bring people down. Heaven knows there’s enough negative out there without us creating more!

“We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man Justice or Right” Magna Carta 1215

Summary of Justice and Right

The Crown (the monarch of England) is bound by the Crown Promise to give you JUSTICE and RIGHT.
Any official operating in the authority of the Crown must give you JUSTICE and RIGHT.
If they don’t give you Justice and Right, without delay and without charge, then they are committing TREASON.
Treason is Breach of Allegiance.  To operate in the name of the Crown and defy the Crown at the same time is TREASON.

The Australian Commonwealth is formed “UNDER THE CROWN of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”.
So every official in Australia is bound by the Crown’s Promise and must deliver to Australians BOTH Justice and Right.
If they don’t give justice or if they delay justice or your rights, then they are committing TREASON!